Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Scenes from A Christmas Story

After yesterday's snowfall, my boys were itching to get outside and play in the snow. Much to their dismay, I got done dressing them for outside, and I found myself chuckling, as they looked like a scene out of the movie A Christmas Story. I had to share.

Poor Logan...he was even falling over and couldn't get himself back up without assistance.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Party of 5!

Ok so I missed fall entirely. The weather is quickly changing in Minnesota, as it does every fall. Weather can fluctuate from 80 degrees down to freezing in a matter of days. Fall brings beautiful leaves, fun fall outings, increased talk about the weather (a Minnesotan thing), and in our family this fall, the announcement of a new family member joining our family May 2015. That's right, we are expecting our third child! Party of 5 please!

A new addition to our pumpkin patch. 
I had given up any writing on my blog the last few weeks (or all of fall) in place of hanging my head in the porcelain throne! We are thrilled and let's be honest...a little nervous about having 3 kids under 3.5 years. But we planned it this way by choice, and it will be a crazy, but rewarding journey. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

So the last few weeks have been busy - growing a baby, taking care of 2 toddlers, working up the courage to get out of my yoga pants during the week and surviving the day while feeling nauseous, and lots of outings on the weekends. In the midst of it all, we still managed to have fun and enjoy as much fall as we could.

Leaves! We have 2 beautiful mature red maples in our front yard, and they made for a great leaf pile for jumping in for my boys (and my husband). The leaves in Minnesota are absolutely gorgeous and with so many lakes for the colors to bounce off of, it's a beautiful sight.

The Apple Orchard! We went, we loved it, and we forgot to take pictures! We love the apple orchard. I grew up going to the apple orchard and loved it as a kid, and I'm excited to start sharing this with my kids.

Local gardens/market. We went to one by us and it was tons of fun. We got our pumpkins, they had a petting zoo, corn pit, jumping pillow, etc.

The massive corn pit!

Carving pumpkins & Roasting Pumpkin seeds.  The boys had fun digging out the seeds in each of their pumpkins. We basically get and carve pumpkins for roasting pumpkins. My favorite part, especially since we discovered trying different flavors with our seeds. Our favorite is making buffalo seeds! Yum!

Como Zoo Zoo Boo. The local free zoo (Como Zoo) offers a great safe and non-scary trick or treating event called Zoo Boo. Kids get to dress up, staff/volunteers dress up in costumes, the local fire department & police attend, and they give away a variety of treats (ranging from candy to organic cereal). Roman dressed as Buzz Light Year and Logan dressed as Yoda.

Our little Yoda found his people!
Ok, now that I have caught up from this fall...the seasons have changed once again. The leaves are gone, and as of early this morning, we are basically in a blizzard. It's been too windy and snowy outside to take the kids out, so I brought snow into them instead. I even turned on Christmas music, boiled some apples/cinnamon/cloves on the stove to make the house smell great & provide some humidity, and we baked cookies. These are the days I truly enjoy my job as a full time Mom...no commute, PJ day, Christmas tunes, making cookies, and playing with my kids and listening to their giggles & squeals at the sight of snow.