About Me

My name is Sarah. I've been married to my husband Dustin for 7 years. We met in college and together we have graduated college, traveled, bought a home, adopted animals, and started a family. Once part of the workforce, I am now a full-time mom of two young boys. After having my eldest son, I decided to stay home, after I had returned to work for about 4 months. I am now a full-time mom and have embraced this new life I never envisioned for myself. I never saw myself as a full time mom or stay-at-home mom, but here I am! I look forward to having a full-time career again, but for now, I am enjoying this small window of time I have with my children. Each day brings new challenges, especially when these boys are only 18 months apart (2.5 years old and 1 year old).

My current passions include my family, organizing to avoid cleaning, looking for a great deal, traveling, animals, being on the go, and pretending I'm crafty. My passions are ever changing though! I get excited when I can organize things into pretty bins (and avoid the dishes), copy some Pinterest project (and it turns out), my "not so extreme couponing" hauls, and just getting out and seeing the world...whether it's to travel someplace new or to just go to the store.

I am a Minnesota girl born and raised. So yes, I say my O's nasally, love tator tot hot dish, and I call a Coke, Pop! I love Minnesota and all it has to offer...change of seasons, all the lakes, the quirky town names, the way we still bring people food in times of need and joy, and the abundance of nature and city/attractions. The downfall...brutally long winters, bland recipes handed down from generation to generation, mosquito's, the combination of awkwardly mixed attire - sweatshirts, shorts and flip flops. But I love it here...and honestly I kind of like the sweatshirt, shorts and flip flop ensemble.

My hope is to cover the success and failures of our little family, crafts/diy projects, saving a few bucks, organizing, and all that falls in between.

Welcome to my blog...You're in my crazy world now! (that wasn't supposed to have a creepy vibe, but read on either way).

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