Sunday, August 10, 2014

Since I've been gone.....

It's been a while since my last post. We have been switching around internet providers and had issues with my computer. So here is what we've been up to since.

1) Logan found out what sand tasted like

2) We landscaped under our deck and turned this space into a kid's play area (see additional post)
3) We went to an art fair with Grandma at the Munsinger Clemens Gardens in St. Cloud, MN. Beautiful!

4) I found out what a cucamelon is! (see post about it for an educational experience!)
5) We captured a baby toad in our backyard, made him a home, and watched him a few days before releasing him unto the wild again. Roman loved checking in on him.

Our temporary pet toad...he's on the rock.
6) Enjoying summer....parks, picnics, playing outside, etc.

Pizza Picnic
Lunch date with my boys

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