Monday, July 14, 2014

Mail Organization - My Mail Center

I was getting tired of all the piles on our counter of miscellaneous papers and mail. Here is my solution and so far it's helped. I used a Thirty-One Fold n' File (but you could use any filing bin) and added some hanging file folders and regular file folders within (for subcategories). To help support the weight and make the folders slide around easier, I used a report cover spine on the sides where the folders hang. I also got a bin for incoming mail. Our system is to put daily mail or other miscellaneous papers into the bin, then when I have a chance I go through it and put it in the Fold n' File organizer. 

My folders include: 
* Mail
     - Bills to pay
     - Review (further reading required or call on)
     - File (stuff to keep in our actual file cabinet)
     - Shred

* Coupons & Menu's (I store take out menus and restaurant & coupons for things other than groceries)

* Kid stuff (art I want to save, classes, & medical stuff)

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